Dell Laptop Black Screen at Boot

By webolution
Feb 27, 2008
  1. I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Windows XP installed. I have the laptop since April 2007.
    Yeasterday I left the laptop in stand-by for about 1 hour, when I got back the screen was black and could not be revived in any mode.
    I have switched off the PC by pressing the power button until power went off.

    When I tried to start the laptop the Dell logo would come on with a weired pattern of green dots in the back ground, then the usual XP logo would come on, still green dot pattern all over the screen and then the screen would go blank.

    I have run all the available system diagnostics for Memory, Harddisk and system componenents at start-up and they all passed.
    Then I have run the genuine Dell-XP CD Rom and run the 'Repair Installation' Option.
    This would run with a correct screen until the first Boot request. Then rebootet the PC and configuration would go on for about 10 minutes ... then the screen just blanks out again.

    Please HEEEELP ... I need some fresh ideas on what else I could do.
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