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Feb 1, 2006
  1. Gathering information on an upcoming motherboard replacement in a Dell Denension 2400. Went to Dell website to get system config data, okay. The system is still up and running so I am trying to identify the cpu socket in order to get the parts before tearing it down. The part description identifies the processor as follows:

    Part # F1534
    Processor, 80532, 2.53, 512k, 533, SKN, Decision One

    In that I can see 2.53GHz, 512 L2 Cache, 533 FSB; so I know its a Intel chip because of the 533 FSB. What I don't know and Dell Tech cannot seem to tell me is whether it is a Socket 478 or an LGA775. I know Intel produces most of the LGA775 processors in 800 FSB but there were a few sizes in 533 FSB, and it would be my luck to order the wrong one.

    Can anyone assist with identification of this processor socket? Thanks in advance.
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  3. NealsComp

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    Thanks. Will check that out.
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    It's a socket 478. I redid my dell 2300, which is very similar to a 2350 and 2400. If you want any help, I'd be glad to assist. I replaced my motherboard, video card, and power supply and added several fans.

    You need a micro atx (matx) board that supports socket 478 cpus.
    I used this board.
    I've heard this is good as well.

    Keep in mind you will need a new cpu cooler and thermal grease. The dell cooler is passive, and I'd suggest getting a better one with a fan. I completely removed the dell cpu duct, but you wouldn't have to if you like it.
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    Hey Vnf4Ultra-
    Just came across this post and have a question about switching out one of these boards.

    In my case I have a Dell 2350.

    When looking at the MB in the Dell I noticed there is a couple of 20 pin connectors (one black connector with the wires wrapped in light blue and one white connector) that seem to go to the power switch and HD activity light.

    Are these connectors proprietary to the Dell motherboard or will they snap right in on the replacement motherboard?

    Thanks for any info.
  6. vnf4ultra

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    No, the front panel connector isn't a direct replacment. You would have to pull out the pins and put them in the proper positions in the block for the new motherboard. The pins have a little metal tab on the side that releases them. The motherboard manual should have a front panel wire diagram. Just trace the hd led, power led, and power button wires to the connector to know which is which. The power button polarity doesn't matter, but the leds do, so you can try it one way, and if it doesn't work reverse the two wires.
  7. krosbonz

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    Good enough.
    Thank you for the info!
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    You have to do a little investigation to see which wires go to which light and also the pwr button. Generally, if I have an old case that is trash I clip all the connectors that I can salvage, and when something like this comes along I usually have a connector to seperate the wires down for the new motherboard.
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    front panel wire diagram

    i dont own a dell and never will. my friend unfortunatly has come across one and im switching cases. this has all been a hassal but i've overcome dell so far; the front panel however is kind of hard to do without the diagram. i dont have a manual or handbook for the dell or its motherboard. so what connectors go on what pins?
  10. vnf4ultra

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    Well, if you still have the front panel wires connected between the dell mb, and the the dell case, you can trace which two wires go to the power button, then connect the new cases power switch to whatever pins the two power wires go to. The same can be done with the hd led and power led, but leds do have polarity, so you have to connect them correctly. If you can see the led itself though, you can tell which wire would be positive and which is negative.
    Here's a pic that shows how to get the led polarity correct. Ignore the connector diagram.

    If you pulled the fp connection already though, hopefully you remember how it goes...
  11. cowzilla2000

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    not that easy

    i wish it were that easy. from the mobo theres a ribbon wire that goes to a little circuit board that has an audio and 2 usb ports. from there it goes to another board which has a power switch on it and a couple leds or something. i was on a site where a guy soldered the frontpanel wires from his new case right onto that board. (scroll down to june 9th and give that little schpele a read) (please). or on the board the connects to the mobo there are pins i can connect to but instead of there being about 7-9(ish) pins theres 16... i can trial and error that but what i want to know is where my reset switch, power, and the leds go. or.. where on the board with the power switch and leds i solder the new case front panel wires. please please please read what that guy did in the link i put above because i reaallly dont want to buy a new motherboard because im a cheapskate and i want to accomplish this cuz its dell after all...
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    Ok, so you have a ribbon cable on your dell 3000 which carries usb 2.0, audio, power button, power led, and hd led?

    So you can't tell which two wires go from the power button itself to the cable, and from the cable trace it to the motherboard? If it does go into little circuit boards, it could make it tricky.

    Would you mind posting some pics(upload to imageshack, or whatever image hosting service) so I can see more about your situation?

    If all else fails, you might be able to take the whole ribbon cable from the dell case and splice the new cases' power button, etc into the end of the ribbon where it connected to the dell's switch/leds, etc.

    You might also be able to use a multimeter to check which wire on one end of the ribbon goes to which wire on the other end if the circuit boards make it difficult to see where they go.

    Edit: Here's a 3000 mobo on ebay, which connector is for the front panel, the blue or the black connector block?
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