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HP drivers are hard to find too. I spent 3 hours trying to find the correct one for a Pavilion 504n, I wanted the 82845GMA drivers, but I would get the drivers for the wrong one, even though I searched the prduct on the HP site.
If you used the Auto Detection button (I provided on Hp Drivers) whilst using IE, then you can't go wrong.
Inspiron 9100 help

Hello! I am new to the site. I have my sister-n-laws Dell Inspiron 9100 that got a virus due to her lack of updating her internet security program. I want to restore it back to the factory settings and load up new software. I heard you can depress Ctrl F11 at the splash screen to get it into restore mode. I have tried this many times with no luck. I have all the original packaging and disks, but no "system recovery" disk exists. I am at witt's end and would greatly appreciate any help on this matter.

1. At boot wait for the dell logo to go away
2. A blue bar with white text should show up, while this bar is on the screen (it is quick) press Ctrl+F11.
3. From the menu select restore the image

1. At boot wait for the dell logo to go away
2. A blue bar with white text should show up, while this bar is on the screen (it is quick) press Ctrl+F11.


Yes!! It worked for me. You must not press anything before the blue bar shows up. It took me like 5 tries to get it. When you see the small blue bar on top, just press and hold Ctrl+F11 and it will take you to factory restore menu.

Thank you Gillian
master password for bios

I have bought D420 on ebay and the seller dont know what is the Admin password in BIOS. I have searched some forums, google but without any result.
could you please help me find out my master password?
System number is 5PY2PD1-595B
thank you
I'm new on this forum, though I've read it before and gotten help. I am working on a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a power on BIOS password set. Service tag #3VF60G1-595B. I have searched the internet for weeks to try to find a way to take that password off. Lots of advice out there, but none of it seems to be applicable to the 1525, which doesn't, as far as I can find have an EEPROM chip to short out, and taking the CMOS battery out and removing all other power sources doesn't work. And the machine is set to require the password before it will boot from CD or floppy. So I am frustrated to say the least. Can anyone help me? This probably isn't even the place to post this, but all the threads on this topic seem to be closed. I'd be very very grateful, and so would my young friend who bought the machine from her uncle who didn't know the password either. And since we don't know the original owner's name we can't get help from Dell. We have tried. Please help if you can! Thanks.
dell inspiron 1545 laptop

i've taken appart the entire laptop. i've removed a flat battery the size of a quarter for 24 hours and it still hasn't removed the password. i get a grey screen that tells me the computer is locked and it gives me a service tag number #JP40BH1-595B. Is there any way to jump a chip for this model to reset the bios?
Hi guys,

I dont know what else to do, i have tried everything i have researched.

I see some people post the disabled number they get after 3 attempts and they get a master unlock code and works for them, well, i would like to PLEASE ask for that kinda help.

when i try and boot with the HD inside the laptop asks for HDD password, when i take it out and try and access the BIOS to try and remove passwords it asks for a PASSWORD. So i'm guessing both the BIOS and the HD have a password, which means replacing the HD will be a waste of money and time. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Here are all the details.

Dell inspiron 1501.

Service Tag: JC6T9C1

Express Service code: 42095901313

System Disabled Code : 12209

If i am missing any other info please let me know ASAP.
Hey, I'm in the same boat, it seems. Bought a Dell Latitude D620 used off Craigslist, didn't have a battery at time of purchase - so the fact that it's BIOS locked was a bit of a surprise. I've looked through the lit for solutions and am unsure if the paperclip method works for 620s.. read conflicting info, that it'll fry the mobo and that it works - who to believe?
Have tried removing the coin cell battery (is that the CMOS battery?) for a day. no luck. Have also tried latitude.exe, but my model has a 7 digit service tag.
Boots straight to GSOD.
Anyone have solutions or ideas?
It is my understanding that TechSpot is no longer supporting the issues revolving around passwords in Dell, HP, and others. You have to deal with Dell...

and the D620 is a very, very difficult machine... One of the seven most difficult laptops to clear a password, exceeded only by IBM Lenovo Thinkpads...

When TechSpot did permit assistance, i don't think even three D620's had passwords fixed.

Mail it back to Dell.
Contact Dell.
It is my understanding that members of TechSpot no longer offer password support.
If you are not a registered owner, then register on line...
Then give them 21 to 30 business days to verify that it has not been reported stolen.
Then call Dell tech support to arrange for Password repair.
The Dell folks will ask how you obtained the computer, and when. If it has been reported stolen, some friendly folks from the people who look into such things will stop by to see you.
I have Dell Notebook Latitude CPX h500gt Service Tag 81URD

Notebook old Pentium III Memória Ram 128mb HD 5GB

My Notebook is booting the HDD. I need to change the boot sequence to boot to CD-ROM and reinstall the System Operational. You installed Windows XP Professional and I installed Windows Millennium. It happens to enter the BIOS setup, the System Security mode is configured as follows:

Primary Password: Disabled
Admin Password: Enabled (not accessible)
Configure Setup: Disabled (I do not have the password)
Hard-disk drive password: Disabled

PS.: In option Configure Setup need to enable this option to disable the Admin Password.

Please, I need a guide.
Thank you very much,
If you registered as original owner, Dell will help you. If you purchased the computer used, you will need to register the computer as yours on the Dell Web Site.
15 business days after you register, Dell Tech support will help you fix the problem as the registered owner. That is if the laptop has not been reported stolen. Otherwise, then men in blue will stop by to say hello
Dell will not fix it for free, but they will help you take care of it.
I suspect you will not find an alternative way to get rid of that password problem, except to replace the system board at a high cost.
inspiron 9400

Hey all,
Am going ,or already brain dead
Need bios password for dell inspiron 9400 i am beginning to hate
service tag J1HMK1S-595B
Express Service Code 41448936448
Really appreciate any help
Sorry, Play, but that sort of support is no longer available from TechSpot. The powers that be have determined there were too few successes, and too much time spent on something that was of undetermined merit.
You will need to contact Dell as the registered owner. If you are not the registered owner, you can fill out the Register New Owner papers on the Dell site. Then after 14 business days, if there are no reports of theft for that service tag, you become the new registered owner, and can discuss the problem in detail with Dell tech support.
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