Dell XPS will not connect to UP3216Q with HDMI - Goes to Power Save Mode - Monitor not Detected

Hello. I am new to this forum, but I need some help greatly. I have an XPS 15 Laptop (9570). Just bought the UP3216Q 4k UHD monitor. I cannot connect to it. When I do, the monitor goes into power saving mode. My PC display settings recognize the monitor, but I cannot duplicate screen or extend - monitor goes to power save mode. I tried another PC using the DP connection and it works great. I can use the HDMI from XPS 15 with a TV and no issues. Just can’t connect to new monitor. I tried a MAC with a HDMI, and it connects just fine to the UP3216Q. I can’t understand what the issue is. I have been on with Geek Squad, and Dell CS and they have no solution. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Dell XPS Connects to TV with HDMI cable perfectly.

Dell XPS will not connect to UP3216Q with same HDMI.

MAC with HDMI connects perfect to UP3216Q.

HP work laptop connects with DP to MDP flawless.

Have updated all drivers. Updated OS.

Suggestions?? Please and Thank you!