Hardware Desktop hangs at the bios logo screen

Hello experts, there's a desktop in the office which hangs at the bios logo screen.
The thing is when IT guy takes it away to diagnose, everything is fine.
We suspected that it could be the power issue but the power board which desktop is connected to has no problem.
One thing to note is that it has both DVI and HDMI cable connected from the monitor.
When I plugged in both DVI and HDMI cable and pressed 'del' to enter the bios menu, the monitor just went black.
There's no display even if I pull both cable and connect one only.

Any suggestions to fix this issue are welcome!

Thanks heaps!!
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Cycloid Torus

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Troubleshooting 101: swap in "known good" - if system doesn't work, swap in a known good to see if it does work...if 'known good' fails then it is something it is connected to...if 'known good' runs then it is something in the troubled system.... if so, hone in on it by removing and replacing components.

I had a workstation system continually fail - proved it worked elsewhere - proved it failed where we wanted it - close inspection of power outlet resulted in discovery of bad ground and jolts of static being channeled through system.

Your mileage will vary.