Desktop Shortcut Icons Dont Work

By wackobird
Aug 31, 2006
  1. This has me baffled... Here's a rundown of what I had been doing and when I noticed the problem:
    I had problems with my ISP connections, so I downloaded peoplepc for the 30 day free trial until my regular ISP got the access numbers fixed. (Dialup... sigh... )
    Once the program was installed, it killed the acclerator program for my regular ISP and installed its own. The interface was similar to AOL. I checked my usual ISP several times a day and within a week, the access numbers were working again.
    I contacted PeoplePC and cancelled that account, and uninstalled the software. Immediately after rebooting, I noticed some of the shortcuts had the icon for IE, some had the icon for Firefox, and I even had icons for Netscape, which I've never used on this machine.
    When I connected to the internet and double-clicked an icon for one of my shortcuts, (I do have many shortcuts on the desktop) an IE window opened... then nothing... no data going out or coming in. I right-clicked the icon, copied the addy and pasted it into the window.... hit go, and off it went. UGH! I tried another shortcut icon that had morphed into a Firefox icon with the same result. Same thing with the ones that now show a Netscape icon. :dead:
    When I click the IE icon for Internet Explorer to open, it functions normally... taking me to my chosen homepage.
    I have tried every shortcut, and none of them take me to the page it should, and all of them open IE... they just dont do anything after that. I tried creating new shortcuts, and they play dead also.
    I use AVG anti-virus and Ad-Aware SE, and both of them showed nothing new. I did an online scan with Panda anti-virus and it also reported no issues or virus. The pc is a Gateway, less than a year old, running Windows XP Media Edition.
    I'm hoping this is a simple setting that needs to be tweaked and I'm out of ideas. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    That program peoplepc sounds as bad as AOL its like a virus it self. You could try a system restore. Start,programs,acessories,system tools, then system restore to a date before you installed peoplepc.
  3. wackobird

    wackobird TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    I agree... its very very similar to AOL with its interface and it definitely doesnt play well with others.
    The first thing I tried was system restore to earlier date... and it didnt help. That really surprised me. Restoring is usually my first stop when things look wonky.
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