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By newfielander
Aug 19, 2014
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  1. Hi friends I just recently upgraded my desktop with a bunch of what I thought was great parts (over $1000.00) to make my editing life more enjoyable, well I'm shocked to find out after testing both the same projects on both my laptop and newly upgraded desktop ,my laptop rendered the project faster than my big desktop, I'm just wondering why. I was expecting my desktop to render the project twice as fast!
    Here are the specs on my laptop and desktop computers, can anyone explain to me why my laptop was faster. I used Corel VideoStudio ProX7 on both test.

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  2. St1ckM4n

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    It shouldn't. Maybe there's something wrong with your hard drives. But there's no way the laptop should beat your desktop.
  3. jobeard

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    The Toshiba is Win/8 (2500 mhz)
    with a performance index of 5.7
    The MSI Box is Win/7 (3500 mhz)
    with a performance index of 7.7

    Given just those stats, the MSI is the clear winner. This says to me that Corel is not a good benchmark test.

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