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Dec 15, 2006
  1. Hello again all

    I'm having a problem with a certain program that keeps hanging. When it happens it literally locks up my entire PC, although I can still move the mouse and turn numlock on/off.
    If I try ctrl+alt+delete and leave it for long enough (10 mins or so) sometimes it will allow me to terminate the program, but more often than not nothing happens at all and I have to press the reset button on my tower.

    The program in question is uTorrent. It will generally run fine for about 3 mins if left alone, but hangs much sooner if any other processes are started. Is there any way that I can troubleshoot and find the cause of the problem? I've had it installed and working fine before and can't think of anything that's different this time.
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    Have you browsed the FAQ at the Utorrent site ? , there isnt much fault finding to do if you know what is causing the lockups, other than see if there is any report logs for it.

    I use Azureus and have done for a while , a bit of a pain to set up, but once done its probably the best Torrent program there is.

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    Yeah I've tried the FAQ, but no luck. I've also tried systematically uninstalling other programs to see if one of those is interfering with uTorrent (or if uTorrent is interfering with it) but it's not made any difference. It's really starting to get on my nerves now as without fail, after about 5 mins of working fine I'll get an egg-timer and then the whole PC just locks up to the point that I have to press the reset button.
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    Check the event viewer, see if it is something related to TCP or UDP and not actually uTorrent that is causing the problem. Other than that, trying a different version of uTorrent is the only thing I can think of. Does it happen with other torrent clients?
  5. LeonE

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    How do I access the event viewer? Will the event be logged as something obvious or is it more a case of matching up events that occured around the time that Windows froze up?

    Edited to say: I'm not sure if it happens with other torrent clients as this is the first I've used. I did have XP working (briefly) about a week ago and uTorrent was installed then. It all seemed fine, and I can't think of anything that's changed.
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