Diagnostic Tools

By emmanp01
Sep 25, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone know of any hardware diagnotic tools kit that can be used to diagnose laptop hardware problems.

    Any help and advise will be greatly appriciated.

  2. rgrimard

    rgrimard TS Rookie

    Any Diag software might cost $$

    Hi Patrick.....I have often wished for the same, a nice Analyze tool
    that pops up and says....YYYYY is a problem.
    The Free tools out there don't fix the problem unless you willing to
    put your Visa card on the line.
    As the old saying goes "nothing good in life is free". Having said that
    I put down $100.00 for 1 years of support with I-YOGI
    this is an outfit in India of course that
    can look for YOUR specific problems with Windows and related problems, I assume your running Windows?.

    If you have a HighSpeed DSL connection they can connect to your PC remotely and
    look at your problem or problems. You can actually watch them on your PC as they take
    over your mouse and keyboard. I just watched them, jotted down on paper what directories they went into and they fixed the problem. I had a corrupted Register.
    I was very satisified with them. The language barrier is a challange but they do
    try to please you and those dudes know Windows......Ron
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