By Vehementi
Jun 23, 2002
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    Basically Digipen is a university located very near where I live (Seattle, Washington) that teaches the art of making video games. Of course, they're sponsored by Nintendo, and they have an elite group of game programmers (students) in Digipen actually working on future Nintendo game releases. Not to mention they get to play with a bunch of new Nintendo stuff, and the people who take their summer workshops get an oppurtunity to tour Nintendo of America! :D But as you can imagine seats in the university are limited, I'm talking they have 200 seats in the building and like 10 times as many applications. I read an article in Electronic Gaming Monthly about it, but I can't seem to find it now...
    I've been lucky enough to be presented with an oppurtunity to attend one of their summer courses, for a modest some of $100 (regular price is $800) although only for a meager two weeks :( I'll be learning basic C programming in it, and mostly just the mechanics of games :D
    Throughout the course of the class, which starts July 22nd, I will update you as to how I'm doing, and maybe even post some projects I've made! :D
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    Of all the luck...

    The class was canceled cuz not enough people signed up. Oh well.
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