Direct 3D issues, system hangs

By chutai
May 6, 2002
  1. Direct 3D Issues..HELP!!!

    I am running an Athlon 1700XP with Windows ME, i have an Elitegroup K7S5A M/board and 256 MB DDR RAM, with an ELSA GLADIAC 511 TV OUT Graphics card (64Mb)

    I have run with this config successfully previously, but upon reformatting and reloading the system from scratch, I am having Direct3D problems. When running MSFS2002 it loads the menu pages fine, but as soon as the main sim fires up and it posts to full screen mode, the sim hangs.

    Same can be said in DXDIAG, when executing 'Test Direct3D', the system hangs or shows an error in Direct3D. Have installed DirectX 8.1 with no success, and tried different configs in the graphics card joy... most unusual.

    Any suggestions???


  2. Falkentyne

    Falkentyne TS Rookie

    I'm not familiar with that board, so I can't ask you if a certain chipset driver is installed or working (i only have a BX board), but there are a few things you can do.

    Perhaps Sidebanding is eanbled ? You can force this off with Rivatuner, after you disable the protection settings (read the docs!). Or you can do it manually, with regedit: HKLM/software/Nvidia corporation/global/system
    create a dword value "EnableAGPSBA", with a value of 0.
    Powerstrip can handle this, too, although there may be some issues with the det4 drivers, when trying to disable SBA "on the fly" (after windows is already initialized, vs doing it in the registry).

    Perhaps you are at AGP 4x. Try reducing the AGP rate to 2x. Rivatuner or powerstrip can do this.

    You can also try reinstalling directX after *completely* removing it. You can do this with DirectX buster.

    This does beg the question, though: Does OpenGL work fine?
  3. Rick

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    Re: Direct 3D Issues..HELP!!!

    I suggest downloading the following things in this order:

    1.) Download latest video card drivers at
    2.) Download latest patch for Flight Simulator 2002
    3.) Give me your copy of Flight Simulator 2002.
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