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Oct 21, 2008
  1. I have had sims 2 for a while its worked fine but now im getting a message saying failed to find any directx 9.0c compatible graphics adaters in this system! etc. My system is windows vista home premium (6.0,build 6001) model hp dv6500notebook pc, bios: ver 1.00 PARTTBL, processor: intel celeron m cpu 530 @ 1.73ghz, memory 1014 mb ram, 1228mb used, 1060mb available, directx 10

    mobile intel 965 express chipset family, dac type: internal, approx total memory 251mb, display mode:1024x768(32bit) (60hz), monitor: generic PnP

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    Thanks for replying

    On that site on the select software page if it says current next to the certain drivers does that mean its already the one i have or its the current driver available and i should download that?
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    Sadly Hp haven't got to the stage of autodetecting if your drivers are up to date

    That site is just showing the currently available most up to date drivers
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    So do i update everything that says current or just the graphics part? And is the nvidia geforce 8400m/8600 better than the intel 965 chipset family one that i have?

    i swear i been trying to find answers on this since the time i woke up this morning
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