Discord Screen Share - Audio cuts out for a second for host but completely for viewers until restarted


TS Rookie
Hi. I've been having this issue for the past couple months now but it's just started to bother me since I've been screensharing a lot more now. I used to use Chrome but the audio doesn't always work so I use Opera now. Basically the audio on my PC cuts out for a split second, and resumes for me but for the viewers, they stop hearing anything until I leave the screen share and rejoin it. It happens randomly, could be two minutes in, or 1 hour after. I'm not entirely sure it's a bug with Discord, since the cause is my PC audio actually cutting out which in turn causes Screen share audio to stop but I'm posting here because maybe someone knows a fix to it. I've tried reinstalling audio drivers using third-party software such as Driver-Easy and Driver Booster but even after updating the drivers, the issue persisted. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.