"Disk boot error insert system disc" every time i get up

By Karlmay
Mar 14, 2006
  1. "Disk boot failure insert system disc" every time i get up

    I have done a format c and installed windows xp again. My pc worked just fine a whole day long and i could restart the pc without problems. The next morning i want to boot my pc and i get the message "System boot failure please insert system disk" I couldn't get it fixed so i reinstalled my pc again. I worked with my pc the whole day without any problem i went to bed. The next day i had the same problem as the day before "System boot failure insert system disk". Now my question is how it comes that i cane resart and boot my pc a whole day long and if it is turned off for 8 hours that i get the message "system boot error..." anyone a suggestion?
  2. Rik

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    That could be caused by 1 of several problems.

    First (and most likely), it could be a flat bios battery. Does your system loose the date and time too? If so, fit a new bios battery.

    Check all your boot options in your bios to see if any of those are the cause.

    If you have any spares, try a different data cable.

    Scan disk your hard drive as it could be a drive error.

    If none of this helps, let me know and i will do my best to help further. Rik
  3. Frank Smith

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    PS: Also remember that Reboot and Shutdown are different...
    Shutdown clears the memory... reboot refreshes the memory.
    Windows XP shutdown issues mostly center around a very few issues, especially legacy hardware and software compatibility issues.

    Currently, the leading cause of Windows XP shutdown problems is hardware incompatibility, including (unsigned) driver issues. However, it is impossible to list every possible hardware or driver issue individually. My best advice is: Check all drivers for all hardware devices to ensure that they are the current best for Windows XP & check your errlog entries
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