Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert Syste, Disk And Press Enter

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Nov 5, 2005
  1. Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert System Disk And Press Enter

    hey guys! possibly the 50th time this problem has occured to many of you out there :) basically here's the story, i was playing a game when all of a sudden my cpu froze, it stayed like that for a while before i manually restarted the system, i was then prompted with DISK BOOT FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER, initially i thought i would have to format the pc so i attempted this, when it rebooted after copying the files over it would just take me back to the windows xp blue setup screen instead of starting windows, also when i checked to see if there was a partition there wasnt one there, it's as if the partition is being deleted each time the cpu reboots after the initial format. in cmos it detects the hard drive and its capacity, the IDE leads are working fine and the HDD itself works fine and can be formatted in my 2nd pc, ive swapped hard drives and everyting, leads and HDD works fine in my secondary pc. im wondering if this is a mobo problem, grateful for any advice!

  2. hangintite68

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    so you have tryed to reformat? if you have the XP disk bootup from it and then format the drive, or you can even go into dos and format the drive if needed to.. but yeah reformat is the solution
  3. Nukey

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    you could always try a "chkdsk" in the recovery console if you want to try and keep the documents there on the disk. The file allocation table could be corrupt.
  4. helgaliz

    helgaliz TS Rookie

    disk boot failure

    I have a similar problem. I tried everything from Fdisk/mbr to the manufacturer's powermax diagnostic, but it cannot access the drive. The BIOS shows the drive is correctly connected but any utility I try to run won't find the drive. Does that mean the drive and the data is lost? Please help! I have posted an extensive description at the other forum.
    Thanks very much!
  5. krow14

    krow14 TS Rookie

    i ran into a problem too. i tried to get my computer going with a couple of my older HDDs, and when it tried to start windows i got the BSOD. i went back and searched online for a solution, and the only ones i could find were reformatting the drives, which i cant exactly do without windows, and to reinstall windows, which i was going to end up doing anyway. when i tried to install xp, it said it was not a system disk, or more specifically "PLEASE INSERT A SYSTEM DISK THEN PRESS ENTER". i tried again in my other cd drive, then tried my 2 older versions of windows, none of which yielded a different result.
    theres some other things i want to try, but im not exactly a comp expert just yet...
    can anyone tell me how to actually get to DOS? ive never actually had to do that since the old days when u had to manually start windows. also can anyone tell me how to format the drive from there?
    thank you.
  6. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    to get to DOS you need to either use Recovery Console off the Winxp CD or a windows 98 Boot disk.

    Have you tried to change the boot order of the PC to CD/dvd first?
  7. limeyman

    limeyman TS Rookie

    after fdisk did you format
  8. krow14

    krow14 TS Rookie

    yea.... me n my buddy actually sat down yesterday and figured it out... turns out the problem was with my ribbon cables... im not retarded, i swear it!
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