DISK BOOT FAILURE while xp still installed

By 4joey1
Aug 13, 2007
  1. Hallo!My names are Joe Mwangi.I am a 22 year old Kenyan citizen.My PC is quite old (bought in year 2000 with a 40 GB Hard Disk Drive).

    The BIOS settings for the PC are in the Hard Disk , CD-ROM and Floppy Disk order.I have been using Windows XP for about 2 years.The machine has 2 partitions:18 GB for the XP and installed software and the second 22 GB partition for data.Since three months ago,whenever I tried to copy files past the 16 GB space in the data partition,the PC reboots and gives me the following error

    Verifying DMI pool data...
    Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM

    If I try to restart the machine by pressing the PC restart button,it gives me the same error.It is only after I switch off the socket where the PC is connected to and re-start the computer does the machine boot from XP that in the 18 GB XP partition.It restarts nicely and things continue as normal provided I don't copy files past the 16 GB space in the data partition.

    I have tried to find a solution to this problem but have failed.Eventually,I formatted my entire Hard Disk,re-installed XP and re-partitioned the Hard Disk again:18 GB XP partition and 22 GB data partition but the problem still persists.

    Please help me to recover my 6 GB from my already limited 40 GB HDD.Thanks in advance.
  2. Nodsu

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    It could be that the hard drive is failing. Test it with the manufacturer diagnostics utility.
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