Disk errors

By boncuk
Jan 29, 2008
  1. Anyone any ideas what might cause an immense number of disk errors?


    It all started yesterday, I was downloading a shareware version of a dvd-authoring program, and moving some movie files from my camera to my pc, through usb, I was planning to make a dvd out of them, and I was typing a letter to a friend with outlook. I got bored and started to play a game, not a very new game, but still one which asks for quite some resources.

    My pc hang and I thought the game caused it, so I restarted my pc, I was a bit worried that I had overtasked my pc, transferring my files was finished (I lost no files thankfully), so I unplugged my camera from my system, the shareware I was downloading was gone, probably somewhere in temp file or something, but I decided to leave it at that and did not restart the game again. This error still happened four times since yesterday (the first time including).

    I tried a disk check of my first hd, which all error messages are from and where my windows is, but two times I got this error halfway.

    Also, the last time, to which the screenshot belongs, I had atapi errors, which as far as I know have to do with dvd-roms.

    So any ideas what might be causing this? The error messages say I should check my cable, but there can be nothing wrong with the cable, cause right after the error, when I restart, everything works again. Still I checked the cables and didn't see anything weird.

    Maybe my motherboard is dying? Some memory issue? Cause one of the error messages say that something went wrong while paging memory. Don't know what that means tho. All messages refer to hd0, which is my first hd, no messages about the two other hd's.

    Also all messages refer to a controller error. I'm guessing this is my motherboard?

    My system is now about 1 year and 4 or 5 months old, but I had a new mobo about half a year ago. I use my pc very intensively I guess. I have three hd's and a dvd-r and dvd-rw, so the usual stuff, amd athlon dual core 4200+, 3 gb memory, winxp pro etc.

    Any ideas are welcome. And sadly I don't have a warranty for my pc anymore...

    Oh, by the way, only the first time this error occurred and I did a reboot I had the following bsod (blue screen of death):
    STOP:0XOOOOOO7E with a lot more numbers and codes. I was so surprised, because for a few months now I didn't have a single problem with my pc, which is a miracle in itself.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Uhm.. The most obvious? The disk is bad. Please test it with the diagnostics utility provided by the HD maker.
  3. boncuk

    boncuk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Really? I will try that, but I thought it was obviously pointing in the direction of my mother board or some controller. Well, maybe it's a good thing, I was already making plans for a complete makeover of my pc becoz the mobo was dead anyway. Now hopefully I only have to buy a new hd. Or probably I do have a warranty for that one. Thnx for the hint.
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