Disk Space on OS Partition disappearing

By Wispmage
Mar 22, 2010
  1. Hey guys, I've been having a problem for a few months now regarding the amount of free space I have on my OS Partition (I'm running 7). The partition has a total of 20 gigs and is currently using 18 of it. Now, the problem is that a while back I had more than 2 gigs free, probably somewhere around 4 or 5. However, one day it suddenly dropped significantly, and started to do so sporadically for the next few days. I then went through and removed any unnecessary programs and temp files and system restore points and that only freed up about a gig or so. So some time passes and it stops mysteriously eating up free space, and I hover around 3 gigs or so for a month or two.

    Recently though, it's started to do it again. I had 2.8 gigs free, and then strangely, I checked yesterday and I somehow had only 1.5 gigs available. Now, this is odd because I never save anything to this drive and I don't install programs to it either. Again, I tried to I've tried the obvious solutions, like using CCleaner and other tools to delete all of my temp files, manually deleting system restore points, and uninstalling any programs on the drive I don't really need. Unfortunately, this only manages to free up a small amount, and I'm back to square one. It keeps shrinking even after I free up space, and I feel like I'm losing the high ground here. Is there anything that could be causing this, like a virus or malware of some sort? I wouldn't think so, because I've run a few anti-virus scanners to try to find one, but so far, nothing's been found. So really anything you guys can suggest would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
    (And if you need my specs, I'd be glad to post them)
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Could it be your swap file thats doing it.

    How big is your drive
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