Display problem?

By buccaneere
Apr 20, 2008
  1. One of my Ubuntu machines occasionally hangs, and will not respond. This happens sometimes during boot-up, sometimes afterward, with no apps running, and sometimes, with one or two apps running.

    My wireless mouse is slow to respond sometimes.

    The keyboard is slow to respond sometimes, when I hold down a 'direction' key, to repeat the function. Ex.: In Gnometris, I'll hold the 'down' key, and the falling block will start to fall quickly, then fall very slowly, and the next block won't respond to any key command, even after letting go of the key.

    NOT the problem, apparently:

    It didn't happen with 6.10 EE.

    It's not the mouse (I have two identical, it doesn't happen on other machines).

    It's not the monitor (I have CRT and LED, both show same manifestations).

    Fresh installs, HDD swapping/pulling (4HDD's in the machine, going thru primary and secondary IDE channels, AND PCI/IDE channel too), master/slave manipulation...

    I'm guessin' it's a memory problem (768 physical, untested),
    card memory problem (what do I test?)
    or swap file problem (what do I test?).


    Edit: Vid card is GeForce3 Ti 500
  2. buccaneere

    buccaneere TS Rookie Topic Starter

    a clue...

    I just installed F8 on this machine, on a disk by itself.

    No display problems.

    Apparently, the default Ubuntu install won't work. What needs to be changed?
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