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By nod25
Jun 22, 2007
  1. Last night I went into my computer to replace the front fan control and temperature display on my Thermaltake Xaser III case. During this process I also disconnected and securely reconnected my ATI 9700 Pro. Before doing anything inside of the case, I always make sure that I am grounded by touching the powersupply or the outside of the chassis first.

    After reconnecting all of the fan and power cords from the front Display to the chords inside the case, I am unable to get any display on my monitor when I power on the machine. I have gone through numerous times to check that all cords are properly and securely connected, and that all cards are seated correctly on the board.

    My monitor's cables are also securely plugged in. To test to see if it was a monitor issue, I connected my monitor to an older computer, and it worked fine.

    Since the monitor was not the issue, I started to check to see if maybe the ATI 9700 Pro was the problem. I doublechecked inside the case and saw that it was receiving power, so that wasn't a problem. I then tried to see if maybe the ATI 9700 Pro would work in my other computer. I had some pretty big difficulties disconnecting the power cable from card, so I just put the card in the PCI slot and powerd on the other computer with the monitor connected. It gave me the constant beeping sound like things are wrong, which I had no doubt they would be, however a display did pop up and it told me that my power cord is not connected to my ATI 9700 Pro.

    Because I was able to see this error message pop up on the monitor, this tells me that the card has to be functioning properly, so then it must be a cable problem or a mobo problem in my main computer. I have gone through again to check the cords and such to make sure everything is connected and seated properly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it possible that perhaps I connected a wrong cord to an incorrect cable when I connected the replacement front display to begin with? Could a cord be connected backwards and would this be affecting me not being able to see a display on the monitor? Help please...

  2. nod25

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    Problem solved, ty.
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