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By Toneman
Aug 11, 2010
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  1. So, I just got a new laptop and dropped Virtual DJ on it which I have used before. I have the existing soundcard which came with machine (plug for mic and headphones). I would assume that I need an external Sound card so that I can use both turntables and fade from one to another? Is that right? Do not want to break the bank as I mostly mix so I can drop on my iPod. Can anyone confirm my suspicion and suggest a sound card that is reasonable? Some day I may step up and get additional HW but not at this time.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    an external sound card for a laptop...???? not sure what you mean

    your laptop only has one output and that is the headphone socket, if you want to have the ability to utilize VDJ correctly then you need to have it running into 2 sound cards, this can only be done with a tower PC.

    VDJ does have the abilty to mix from one deck to the other as part of its software without the need for a seperate mixer

    that said there are mixers that can be linked via USB and you can use the USB ouput and the headphone socket thus having 2 outputs, these are costly though.

    as for VDJ it sucks as a program, have you tried club DJ instead, its much better and more stable, but it doesnt like Vista though (im one that stuck with XP.)

    how do i know,,ive been a DJ on a laptop for 2 years and came across the same issue when i first started out in the scene

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