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Mar 22, 2004
  1. A friend called me the other day about her pc not being able to connect. Now she has 3 pc's connected to a router. the PC that has the DNS problem is wireless. I ran the DNS fix on the machine and rebooted, but that did not work, reinstalled the drivers for her wireless card, its still not working. I have done both of these several times can only ping out by number and not by name. any other ideas that you might have.

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  2. Liquidlen

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    I will guess that her O/S is WinXP.If so do you yu have the same workgroup name ,user names.
    Also did you run the network setup wizard on the portable and the other machines again.
  3. ak_in_charge

    ak_in_charge TS Rookie Posts: 119

    What do you mean by DNS fix?

    Do you mean that you replaced the Winsock registry files with new good ones.

    If not I would suggest deleting the Winsock files and copying them over from another known good working system with the same OS.
  4. Bartender802

    Bartender802 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    Tried it did not work. Co-worker suggested to flush the dns
  5. Nodsu

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    How does this DNS problem manifest itself? No need to go round reinstalling drivers and stuff if you have TCP/IP working and you just can't resolve names.
  6. Bartender802

    Bartender802 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    have no idea
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