DNS problem?

By RichH
Jul 13, 2013
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  1. I had two unrelated issues pop up on the same day. My domain name expired, and Windows Update screwed up my Windows (Vista) firewall which is weakened from sirefef infection last year. But everything was working OK before those two things.

    The only firewall symptom I had after the update was Sonos PC Controller couldn't connect to Sonos players. The fix was was not really a fix, but a end run that I discovered last time this happened... Disable Firewall Service, reboot, Connect Sonos controller, restart firewall service. I have tried running the firewall fix widgets from Microsoft and ESET, no help. But it seems OK now, until the next windows update trips me up again.

    The domain name stuff is fixed, the world can see my website, and my emails work.

    The problem is that I can't browse to my own external website, and I can't browse to my own gateway/router in my home network at I can browse to any other website, even ones I have never been to before. I have emptied cache on Chrome and IE, cookies, history, etc, all deleted.

    I have done ipconfig /flushdns, /registerdns no change.

    The weird thing is that a different Windows8 PC on my network also cannot browse to my website nor can it hit my router. But it can browse anywhere else outside. The router is the DHCP server, all PCs are dynamic IP. I can't remember what DNS servers I put in DHCP server, but it's probably my host ATT.net's nameservers. Of course I rebooted the router, and there have been no changes made to router setup for a year. Both PCs got cold boots today.

    When resetting my Nameservers after the expiration, the rollout lag may have caused failure to find the hosts nameserver. But the Windows8 PC didn't try to hit my website until after I knew it was visible outside my LAN. I can see it on my wife's phone.

    Any ideas what to try?
  2. RichH

    RichH TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 132

    I can connect to the router now. I forgot that I moved it to port 81, not 80. Sorry!

    So the only problem I have is that no computer on my LAN can browse to my external website. My ISP is ATT. My wifes phone on Verizon can see it. Gotta be DNS issue. I made the change to nameservers at dotster 36 hours ago and my domain email started working immediately. Shouldn't it have propagated to ATT.net DNS by now?

    The website IP address does hit the webserver. But it is shared so I have to use the name to get it.

    When I reset the Nameservers on dotster, I only changed the 2 nameservers. I did not change any of the DNS record settings, like A record, NS record, MX record, etc. I think since I pointed to different nameservers, then the DNS records on dotster server are irrelevant, right?

    My webhost says they can see the website too.

    Is it just slow DNS propagation to ATT.net? I am in Raleigh, NC, not exactly the sticks.
  3. RichH

    RichH TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 132

    Godaddy finally admitted that my DNS zone file needed to be refreshed. Now I wait 24 to propagate and it should work.

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