Do I have a bad keyboard or is it something else?

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Jul 24, 2009
  1. Hello i have a nice Dell Inspiron 1525 that's only a year and a half old and when i type an email or type a word document i have alot of trouble. I get half way through
    a sentence and the cursor will jump back to the begging of the line. Then i'll fix it
    and start typing and all of a sudden it will jump down two lines. Also at times i will
    be typing at it will just loose itself at stop typeing. Is this the keyboard or is my pointer device on my laptop messing me up????? If you think it is the pointer device how do i turn it off???? Any help on this would be great.

    Thanks, Greg!
  2. antil0ck

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    You can disable the onboard pointing device in the control panel (windows OS). Connect a USB mouse and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, then you might want to try downloading the latest driver for your pointing device from dell. If after installing the latest driver you still have issues, you might have a buggy pointing device. Either send it back to dell or if out of warranty you can opt to use a USB mouse.

  3. raybay

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    All good suggestions, but I would first clean the keyboard in that laptopo with a can of DustOff or other dust removal stuff... Do NOT use compressed air that has not be treated.
    Turn the latptop upside down, and patiently, slowly clean out dust, hair, rubber bands, donuts, corn on the cob and whatever else is in there.
  4. havenstarr

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    Dell Inspiron with same keyboard problem.... jumping cursor

    My Dell 5100 Inspiron has the same issue... a jumping cursor. I'm in favor of simple solutions... tried the plug in mouse, that didn't work either. Next I'll try the blow out the corn cobs and rubber bands routine.

    Any other ideas out there... if the above doesn't work... should I replace keyboard or is it in the software / OS?

  5. raybay

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    First, remove and replace (install) the two drivers (input devices) that are

    They are the usual cause in the Inspiron 5100

    Then, after these are installed,
    try again to use USB mouse.
    The keyboard is a different issue, if bad.
    You can buy them on eBay, new, for less than $24... or used for $14. or from Dell for $55.
  6. havenstarr

    havenstarr TS Rookie

    Thanks raybay

    Hi raybay,

    Thanks for the info...I'll try your recommendation...sounds like a plausible cause. Will let you know the results... taking it to trusted 'fix it guy'... I'm not confident aroudn these matters!

    More later... Have a great day...
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