Do I need to convert all of my hard drives tp gpt for win 11


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I have 3 drives on my pc, my ssd running windows 10 and 2 other drive containing data and backups. I need to convert the ssd drive to gpt to enable uefi mode in the bios and allow me to upgrade to win 11. My question is, can I leave the other discs as mbr and will win 11 let me use them as usual or do I need to convert all to gpt? As I understand it only the drive to have win 11 on it needs to be converted, but please correct me if I am wrong.


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I eventually converted my C drive to gpt using Easeus Partition Master and all is working well, other mbr drives are recognised and data is available.


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The installation program can convert. Otherwise Shift-F10.
Do this when the HDD has to be reformated. I delete the other partitions until I partition the primary again. Then it automatically may make a few other partitions.
Shift-F10, then diskpart. There is a convert command after diskpart.
I wrote it all down in a notebook, to clean the old partitions and then property use diskpart. diskpart ? gives all the syntaxes for the use of diskpart.
Online, you can watch YouTube have a video showing how they use diskpart. Then write it down in a notebook yourself. Convert GPT.