Does anyone here work for a Communications Provider?

By ETF Soldier
Oct 13, 2016
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  1. Hey,
    I'm Jamie, I've just started my 3rd year as an apprentice with BT (British Telecoms), the largest telecoms and internet provider in the UK.
    Unfortunately I work in the slightly less exciting area of Voice-over-I.P., as a network engineer for platforms that provide small to medium enterprises with I.P. phones, I'm very interested in two possible ways my career would go; moving into TV broadcasting networks; or into cyber security. These two areas peak my interest the most.
    Earlier this year the company completed their acquisition of EE, the largest mobile network operator in the UK (jointly made up of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK), which is a really interesting transition for BT Technology, Services and Operations, one of the child companies of BT Group that manages the majority of BT's technological infrastructure.
    Who else works for a telecoms / internet / television provider and wants to share their story?

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