Does my pc has a virus?

By death
Dec 24, 2004
  1. Hi guys;

    I have Norton Internet Security 2005 running and I also have Adware and Spybot to check for adwares. However, lately I have been having few problems with my computer. Whenever I try to shut down my pc, it says it is ending some program, like "SldgHLBsU" and other names (I didn't write them down, everytime it is a different application it tries to end before shut off). Once I end the program, then computer doesn't turn off right away it takes about 2-3 minutes (like pc is instable or something) to close. Before it didn't take that long. I have to admit I did uninstall Norton Internet Security for a while and surfed internet without it. Now, I have installed it again. Do I have any kind of virus? I am running Cable high speed internet which is on all the time. I have checked for viruses using Norton and also checked for adwares and deleted unnecessary files.

    I need help................Thank you guys.
  2. death

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    Guys I have found a virus. Thing was that My "Norton Antivirus" didn't find at least 20 viruses so I uninstalled it and ran "Anti-Vir" and found these viruses and deleted them. However, I still have the problem. I can restart normaly, but can't shut off normaly. Pc takes long time to shut off than usual. And the recent program my pc was ending is following: "qsKSbtMsEctfanqu" and after ending this program pc takes long time to shut off.........

    Any comments
  3. RealBlackStuff

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