Does Windows XP Pro keep a login history?

By flashmonkey
Jan 31, 2006
  1. To anyones knowledge does windows XP pro keep the login history of ALL accounts (including guest and administrator) anywhere, and if so is it possible to modify/delete this?
  2. Matt_2006

    Matt_2006 TS Rookie

    It does, but not by default. If you want it to, open "Local Security Policy" in Administrative Tools and I think it is under audit (sorry, not logged in as Admin at the moment). These are then logged in Event Viewer under security. To delete them, you'd have to clear the entire security log. (And from memory, it logs in security when you clear the security log!)
  3. flashmonkey

    flashmonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 103

    Thanks, I don't think it was exactly where you said, but it was close enough. Also, it does log when you clear the log, which is kind of *****ic if you ask me.
  4. imamit76

    imamit76 TS Rookie


    I want to create a log in-log out hostory of all the users in one computer (not from network).
    The system security is not giving that options..Is there aby way t do that?
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