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Double stacked video card too large

By Plagued ยท 4 replies
Jun 14, 2011
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  1. I recently purchased a Sapphire Radeon HD 6580 and found out when it arrived that it was much larger than the picture showed. We are upgrading all the pc's in my house and changing around monitors. Were using 40inch hd tv's with HDMI inputs as computer monitors but me and my roomate switched sets.
    When i installed my new video card into my pc (eVGA P55) the card overlaps the sata ports to the HDD. To resolve this i moved both HDD's one port back, so theres nothing in sata port 1, primary HDD in sata port 2, and slave in sata port 3.
    When i turn the computer on it fires up but gives me a series of beeps im unfamiliar with and then the normal beeps as if it is continuing to boot normally, but i have no picture and the television says "No Signal". Im not at home atm but i will be later and can get specs for anything requested. As far as i can remember i tried HDMI on both my tv's channels and its DVI-D (dual) i think but it may have been a DVI-I. Either way no picture. I know theres a multitude of things that can cause this but i was wondering what would be the most fruitful attempt at fixing this. Basically my question in a nutshell:
    1. Can i put my primary HDD in Sata Port 2 with no problems?
    2. Does it matter which slot i put my video card in on a crossfire board if im only using one card?
    3. What are the most likely causes of the video card not working?

    Heres all ive tried (im working on 3 other pc's so i havent spent to much time on it.):
    1. Moved Sata connections one slot back and tried videocard in primary pci-e slot
    2. Same as above but with both an HDMI monitor and DVI monitor simultaneously.
    3. Moved Sata connections to original configuration and video card into secondary PCI-e port, with both monitors attached.
    4. Tried moving to different HDMI port and channels on television.

    I know that when i originally setup my HD tv i had to connect to a CRT monitor then tell it from that monitor to send image to my HD tv, but that was a different video card, i really am bad with this kind of stuff, and id say im still novice on computer hardware, any help would be super, always is from techspot staff and members!
  2. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    Try clearing CMOS (reset your BIOS).

    First unplug the PC; If your motherboard has a CMOS jumper, you can switch it to "CLR" for a few seconds, otherwise and remove the CMOS battery for about a minute. Now move the jumper back to normal (or replace the battery) and turn your PC on. Hopefully it will boot up normally.

  3. Plagued

    Plagued TS Rookie Topic Starter


    someone had mentioned that to me today, i just got home so ill try it out. Should i still be okay though if my primary and secondary HDD are moved back one sata port? I.E. will resetting the cmos work even if my primary HDD is moved from sata port 1 to sata port 2?
  4. Plagued

    Plagued TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tried it but with no luck, i have managed a setup that allows my original configuration, all HDDs in the correcto order. Primary in first sata port, and so on.

    Also i forgot to mention i was going from a video card powered by the mobo to one powered by the power supply. shouldnt be a problem as i have it connected correctly with power running to it, also my psu is 600 watts, should be able to handle it.

    as a side note the mobo is beeping 6-8 times then after a little while it does its standard one-two beeps as if its booting. what does the series of beeps in the start mean?
  5. Plagued

    Plagued TS Rookie Topic Starter

    More info

    I found out that the mobo i have eVGA p55v is an AMI Bios mobo, meaning when the mobo sets out its series of beeps in the start (i counted them, 10) its indicating the there is a "CMOS shutdown Read/Write error" which i have no idea how to solve.. trying to figure out where the mobo cmos reset is, i tried removing the battery for 60+ secs with no luck.

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