Downloaded adobe dng converter 11.0 but can't find it

Cheri Hammon

TS Rookie
I have downloaded Adobe DNG converter 11.0, installed it, but can't find it anywhere. When I look in programs/desktop/anywhere, it's not there. I have tried this on two windows computers 7 and 10 and the same thing on both. Does anyone have any suggestions?


TS Ambassador
Typically, browser downloads are in your \users\$userid$\download folder, unless you modified the setting in your Browser Settings

Cheri Hammon

TS Rookie
Yes...I have the downloaded file in my download folder, however I have installed it and the installed program is what I can't find anywhere.


TS Evangelist
Nope...not there either.
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter

Open windows explorer copy the above and paste it.
If that did not work I suggest you make sure whichever browser you are using to download.
Actually downloads correctly and puts it into your default download folder in windows.

Cheri Hammon

TS Rookie
Didn't work either. I have the downloaded file in my downloads folder, I run it and install, it says it finished but still can't find it.