Dr. Watson Debugger freezes my computer and I cant access documents and "My Computer"

By Riz ยท 6 replies
Oct 13, 2005
  1. I cannot access any of my documents, shortcuts, folders, nor can I access "My Computer." I am also unable to "search" for files. When i try to open any document, file or "My Computer", the computer freezes and a window opens saying that an error has occured and Dr. Watson Postmorem was unable to run. After that my computer freezes and i have to restart it by pulling the plug. I desperately need help!
  2. ludimscore

    ludimscore TS Rookie

    same problem

    I'm having the same problem......I even tried to go safe mode so that I can system restore a couple of days back but safe mode is not letting me system restore. HELP!!!!!!!
  3. raybay

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    Tell us name and model of computer, and inventory all your installed security software.
    I assume Dr. Watson came with the computer when new. I would remove it in Add and Remove software, as it appears to be in conflict with other security software you have installed.
  4. ludimscore

    ludimscore TS Rookie

    got it fixed


    Thanks for the response. I read through many posts on TechSpot and found a post that had the answer: I was able to fix it by going to Tools in Explorer - Advanced tab and unchecking the "allow third party users" box and it worked! This website is awesome!
  5. Po`Girl

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    A word of caution : Spyware can add browser extensions(I assume you mean extensions,and not users).

    I recommend you go HERE and at least do a few of the scans mentioned there, even if you don`t post any logs.
  6. Tedster

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  7. samuela21

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    dr wotson debugger error

    i had this same problem mainly with some avi , xvid , and various others.
    when i viewed the error report it said that xvid dll had caused the problem.
    after uninstaling xvid the problem stopped, i sugest either doing the same, or checking the error report to see whats causing the problem.....
    samuela21 @hotmail.co.uk
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