Driver for WAN Miniport Network Monitor???

By macx
Jan 20, 2007
  1. Just what the heck is that?

    Friends of mine all of a sudden can't hook up to the internet,
    they're just on phone line.

    There's a yellow thing by that WAN Miniport thing in their device mgr.

    I tried to download a driver for that on my pc, but every site I visited
    said I had to use IE (I use FF), then when I turned THAT on, it would only
    let me update Win & IE, over and over and over.

    Just what the HECK is this all about!?

    I tried to find the driver on their XP disc, no go.

    Should I uninstall and reinstall it?

    Or is it something they don't want at all and I should just
    uninstall or delete it?

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