Dropbox rolls out its password manager to all paid subscribers


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In brief: Dropbox today announced three new features that are arriving for its users: Dropbox Passwords, Dropbox Vault, and computer backup. These features were previously available to select beta testers, but now, they're here for everyone -- provided you're a Dropbox Plus member, anyway.

Passwords is, as the name suggests, Dropbox's take on password managers. Simply put, it can save your passwords across any website or app and autofill them for you at will -- Passwords is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at the moment.

Dropbox says that all credentials saved within Passwords are secured with "zero-knowledge encryption," which should prevent bad actors from accessing them.

It's tough to say whether or not Passwords' featureset -- which is quite limited at the moment -- will be enough to convince LastPass or 1Password faithfuls to switch. With that said, it's an extra freebie being tacked on to all Dropbox Plus plans, so it's difficult to complain too much here.

The second major feature arriving for Plus subscribers is Dropbox Vault. Vault lets you organize all of your important documents, such as medical cards, passports, and pay stubs, in one central location. You'll be able to set a PIN to prevent unwanted intrusions, and Dropbox says you can designate "trusted friends or family members" who can access the documents "in an emergency."

The final tool Dropbox Plus members can begin using is computer backup, which does just what you'd think: it allows you to sync files between your Windows or Mac PC and your Dropbox account, for easy access in the future. This tool is common among other file storage platforms, so it's nice to see it arrive for Dropbox users now.

Computer backup can only sync files located in your Desktop, Downloads, and Documents folders for now, but the process is fully automated, according to Dropbox.

If these feature additions are enough to entice you to sign up for Dropbox Plus, there are two core plans available: a $12/month plan that gives you 2TB of storage, and a $20/month plan with 3TB of storage.

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Maybe it's just me but they seem to be way over priced for what they give. They have changed a great deal since their launch and all of their changes have eliminated services to the basic subscriber. For what I'm doing OneNote is more than good enough and the price is right .... free!