Dtt2200 5.1

By hazelroo
Dec 18, 2006
  1. First, let me say that I know nothing of computers. I'm a complete rookie. I can type, use a mouse, and fiddle thru Word, but not much else, so this question requires a small act of mercy on somebody's behalf. That said, I have just come across the aforementioned desktop theater--DTT 2200 5.1 Cambridge Soundworks--that was left outside somebody's house a few doors down. The system consists of the amp/subwoofer, 5 mini-speakers, some rca-type plugs, and plugs that I assume connect to the sound card. However, there is no sound card and no drivers. Can anyone tell me how to go about setting this up? Is it even worth it? My system is thus:

    System Model: KM400-8235
    BIOS Version: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG
    Version: x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0
    Speed: 1833 MHz
    Version: 5.1.2600
    Service Pack: 2.0
    Hot Fix: KB925486
    Memory (RAM)
    Capacity: 256 MB

    I have 48g free on a 124g hard drive, along with another 250g free on a Seagate 320 external hard drive.
  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    Hi and welcome to techspot. try plugging it into the sound card jacks and see what happens. you sure as heck can't hurt by trying this out.
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