Wondering on the FX 5500 ... HELP

By Rico Swavy
Feb 13, 2006
  1. I know I'm alittle behind the times..but i was installing the fx 5500 and i was having problems with my grpahics card .. it kept restarting my pc, so ... I uninstalled the driver and tried to reinstall it.. then it blanked my screen and even when I tried with another video card and the onboard video, it would stay blank but let the programs run (I could hear the music and sounds of them )...on the display monitor theres nothing.. (so I reinstalled Windows XP Pro. )...then I thought maybe my 240w power supply was too low, it does say on the box it needs atleast a 250w (on the disk it says it need atleast a 300w power supply ) but now after changing to a 400w power supply, it gives me a screen full of arrows and restarts the system .... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS..I would greatly be thankful..thanks

    version of windows: Windows XP Pro / 5.1.2600 SP2 Build 2600
    CPU: AMD Athalon XP 2000+
    motherboard make/model: Micro-Star International / KM400-8235
    video card make/model: nVIDIA \ BFG G-Force FX 5500 OC
    AGP 8x/4x 256MB DDR
    Bios: Phoenix Tech 6.00 PG 2/16/2005
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