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By freakshowinacan
May 30, 2005
  1. hello,
    i have recently discovered a plethora of cool classic games that do not work on xp. believe you me i have tried. so i have decided to dual boot by computer with win 95 to solve this problem. unfortunately i already have xp. i have tried to install 95 but it doesnt feel like it says something about not being able to. and i have already a partition big enough to work with. uninstalling my xp is not an option. if any of you could help me with my predicament it would be most appreciated.

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  3. freakshowinacan

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    ok, how can i clear out my computer and reinstall everything so i can have win 95 and win xp on dual boot?
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    You can use a 98 boot disk to format your HDD, make sure to create another partition for your XP installation. Then boot to your 95 CD and install windows from there. Once that is done install XP to the other drive, and it should take care of the dual booting.

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