Dual booting system question

By oct714
Feb 19, 2011
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  1. I have a dual booting Vista/7 pc, and so far everything works fine.....I just choose the OS I want to use as the pc starts....what else would I desire more......

    Well, I am not completely happy now.

    Initially I had a single drive with Vista installed, and then, I added a 2nd HDD and installed Windows 7, but since the vista drive was set as the primary drive in the BIOS, the boot loader or whatever it is called, was saved in that drive.

    Now the problem lies with the fact I cannot unplug or remove the vista drive because the drive with Windows 7 won't load at all.

    Could someone share some light regarding this issue? is this boot manager a single system file that could be easily modified, copied, or created in the Windows 7 drive?
  2. ruready2

    ruready2 TS Enthusiast Posts: 202

    There is only one bootmgr file. The file is located on C drive in your case which is why when you unplug the drive Windows 7 will not load. Unplug C drive. Boot from the Windows 7 disc. When prompted choose to repair Windows 7. This will place the bootmgr file on the now secondary drive.

    Also, it sounds like what you are wanting to ultimately accomplish is to have two separate bootmgr files, one on each drive, for each operating system. While someone with more knowledge than I may be able to instruct you on how to accomplish that I cannot. Disabling drives and installing a boot manager on each drive for each OS is not the norm.

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