Dual channel memory issue

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Nov 24, 2005
  1. Hi i just built my first computer and everything is running fine except my memory wont run when i try and put it in dual channel. i had to put it in single channel to make sure it wasnt my RAM and its running fine. when i ask some friends they said it was always default for them any help would be much appreciated thanks.
    im running a AMD 3200+ CPU ASUS a8n7x mobo and 2 512 sticks of corsair RAM
  2. iss

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    werent there some issues with asus Nforce boards and corsair ram a while back? have you changed any bios settings? and are you running the latest available bios?
  3. comp_noob14

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    i kno some bios settings were changed just dont kno what cause i didnt do it. and i only installed the bios that came with board. should i go and download new bios some where...not sure how that works lol
  4. iss

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    if you know that some bios settings were changed then I would say the first thing to try is to go into the bios and reset to to "default" or "fail safe defaults" however it is worded in your particular bios. this will set the bios to the default settings which are generally the ones with the best hardware compaitability.
  5. comp_noob14

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    no because the memory would not work before we changed any settings. we put it in dual channel at first and we got constant beeps from the bios. so we put it in single channel and it works fine. just want it running in dual channel for more speed.
  6. AhRO

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    run in single channel for the time being. go to the asus web site. check for a bios update. they tell you how to update your bios on the website. you will be surprised, that most of the time a simple bios update can fix your problem.
    check your memory to see if its DDR 400, DDR 333 ect. Also if your ram is single sided or double sided. with some Asus boards all this matter when configuring your memory. look carefuly in your Asus user guide. if you have done all of the above. best you take your Mother bored back to the place you bought it at and have their techies take a look at it.
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