Dual Mode with 2 hard drives rather than one

By yamraj
Mar 17, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I have 2 PCs. One is running XP and the other Win-98. I would like to remove the h/drive from Win-98 machine and install as secondary h/drive in PC with XP. And of course change the settings in boot.ini to make the PC a dual boot PC. Can this be done?

    Is there a easy way to do this without having to format and then partition existing drive in XP, install Win-98 first on one partition, then install XP in another etc. etc.?

    I have a hardware that runs under win-98 and the company that makes it is no longer making them, so no drivers for xp are available. However, I can use this hardware with my new machine if I can install Win-98 on it as well.

    All suggestions are welcome and appreciated
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    There are quite a few posts around about this same subject. The answer is NO.
    You must first install W98 on the Primary Master HD in the FIRST partition C:
    Then install XP wherever you like, other partition, other disk etc. The dual boot info will be created automatically when you install XP.
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