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Jul 14, 2006
  1. I have 2 LCD screens hooked up to my video card at the moment and they are set at vertical (1A, 1B) configuration. When I play a game the second monitor turns off though. Is there a way I can keep my dual monitor configuration even during gaming? By the way I don't want the monitors to clone each other, but I would like a widescreen view. Thanks for your replies.
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    My secondary moniter goes all screwy when I play game like it changes resloution and random Icons from the other desktop appear on it. And if I do anything in the on not running the game it minimises the other screen. is there any way of preventing tht.
  3. onesmartidiot

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    both: your monitor goes "screwy" because your desktop may be set to 1024*768 and the game is set at 800*600. since the game changes the resoulution temporarily your desktop gets smaller and pushes icons around (thats why they end up on monitor 2 which holds the origional resoulution). the only time a game will use both monitors at the same time is if its designed for it. flight simulator i hear uses 2 monitors if they are there. if your game turnes off the second montior you shouldnt be able to click out of it, but i havent found a way to prevent me from "moving my way" outta the sims2 or simcity 4 if i it stays on lol.

    lips: are your monitors on top of or next to eachother?
    "at the moment and they are set at vertical (1A, 1B) configuration"
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    many games dont support widescreen.


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