Dual or no Dual??

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Jun 7, 2006
  1. I'm looking at buy a new computer and I am wondering if I should go Dual core, whether Intel or AMD, or I should go for single core, P4 or Athlon. Please advise.


  2. DonNagual

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    What will be the main purpose of the computer you are building? I.e., what will you use it for?
  3. PurposeDriven

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    Play some video games, going on line, and using spreadsheets.

  4. DonNagual

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    It really depends on what you mean when you say "playing some video games". If you are into PC gaming, then this completely changes what we would suggest you use for your CPU.

    If you simply mean "pong" when you say video games, and you are simply browsing the internet, using spreadsheets, then a nice CeleronD processor would serve you very well.

    However, if you plan to use any CPU intensive programs such as newer PC games, video editing etc., then I'd recommend a dual core Pentium or AMD.

    The more specific you can tell us about your needs, the more specific we can be in recommending a CPU for you.
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    Either way, no matter what your means of computing are, I'd say go with AMD, as far as the Dual or Single, then you'd have to answer the question Don asked.

    If you are trying to build an extreme Gaming rig, then go with Dual, but if you are making a rig like mine, for gaming and surfing comfortably, with easily upgradeable hardware, then go with single, it is much cheaper.

    Dual = EXPENSIVE

    Single = CHEAP (as in price) :p
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    ic... sorry guys, i should be more specific.

    I play some pretty CPU intense games but I don't need it to be top of the line either. I heard that because Dual core is pretty new, that some software are not made for it. For some games, people have to switch the CPU back to single mode in order to play. I wonder if that's true??

    Another concern of mine is would single core become obselete very quickly?? Single core is cheaper but only by a couple of hundred bucks. Would it be worth it to get dual core now so I can keep it for a little longer??

    BTW, if you are wondering why I'm answering for PD, I am PD. I lost my password for this account so I had to create another one. :D
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  8. DonNagual

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    I'd say anyone who is buying or making a new computer should strongly consider getting dual core. All software that comes out is being programmed to utilize them, including games.

    Of course, there are always budgets to be met, and everyone has different needs. From what you have described above it looks like you have a "budget level" budget ;)

    If games are your priority, and you are on a tight budget, then the X2 3800+ may be your best choice, however, you are going to want a decent graphics card. The graphics card is (arguably) more important than the CPU for gaming. It would be more important to get a decent graphics card over getting a dual core CPU. An Athlon64 3200+ cpu and a 7600GT graphics card are a great match for budget level computer gaming.

    You are going to want a good card for today's newer games, and personally I wouldn't want anything less than a 7600GT at this point but they are $200 canadian:

    That aspire system you link to above has a very weak graphics card. You could always upgrade it in the future, but I am pretty confident that you'd be disappointed in it's performance.

    Keep in mind that my advice is also coming from someone who likes to have all the game's "eye candy" turned on, and played at high resolutions. If you are OK to turn down your games' settings, and lower the resolutions then you can spend less on graphics cards, and still play your games.

    I hope this helped.
  9. ChineseTechie

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  10. fastco

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