Duel core prossers

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Apr 12, 2005
  1. hi when will duel core prossres come out, and how expinsive will they be, also inted of posting a new thred does anyoe know if there will be a derret x 10 in the next few months.
  2. Vigilante

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    Sounds like server technology to me. I'm still waiting for x64s to come of age.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    dual core prices

    Dual core will be for home and business users. It will be released soon, probably in May. It won't be too much more money than a single core. p4 820 2.8ghz dual (no ht) $240, p4 830 3.0ghz dual (no ht) $315, p4 840 3.2 dual (no ht) $530. The 840ppxe is the "extreme edition" p4, 3.2ghz, (ht), $999. These are retail, so actual prices may be lower, or maybe higher if there is high demand.
    More info.
  4. Justin

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    Dual core A64s are due in later this year. From the way A64s already smack the p4 around, as long as the price is still sweet it will be truly awesome.
  5. swker98

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    when do u think intel will come out with duel core, becaus i am and intel fan
  6. Phantasm66

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  7. swker98

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    i mite have missed it the front page when they say there commin out
  8. Phantasm66

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  9. satchmo

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    But the problem is that the current bottleneck for performance isn't in the CPU. It's the buses and memory speed. So I am not sure how much impact dual core would have on gaming performance.
  10. zephead

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    dual core processors, like intel's Ht technology, have the theoretical ability to increase perforamnce and multitasking. the catch is that software and games must be written to allow multi-threading to realize the performance gains.
  11. Vigilante

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    I agree with satchmo, the CPU and RAM is already the fastest stuff in the case. It's the video and hard drives and other components that slow you down.

    I know people who are gaming perfectly happy on 1700+ or a 2000+. And their systems are faster than mine (3200+) because they have much better video cards.

    I'm waiting for someone to come out with a new way to store data that blows current hard drives out of the water. Then I'll be impressed.
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