Durable motherboards?

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Jan 10, 2008
  1. hello- asus and gigabyte are selling motherboards that are supposed to be much more durable because of better capacitors (longer life) and better power for the cpu by using more than three phases / more than three capacitors to supply the power to the cpu, smoothing out the power and thus reducing heat.

    what other motherboard companies have developed exceptionally durable motherboards?

    any opinions on these more durable motherboards? thx!
  2. captaincranky

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    If The Shoe Fits....Make a Decision.......

    There numerous examples of mobo failures due to capacitor failure here and I'm sure around the web. Gigabyte and Asus have apparently undertaken the issue and tried to do something about it. Build a better mousetrap so to speak.
    Gigabyte seems to be the rising star in motherboards at the moment, popular with gaming types and receiving very favorable reviews.
    So, here's my question, if you can find a board between these two makers that would meet your needs, why not patronize them, rather than confuse the issue and yourself by adding more additional choices than you are likely able to process? Manufacturers are in it for the money to be sure, but if they have put forth the extra effort to give you what you want, why not give them your business.
    Asus is currently (I don't believe), not enjoying it's former glory, so for me I'm looking at a Gigabyte for my next project.
    I just bought a closeout Foxconn to replace a board which failed in a BIOS update. It worked perfectly. Should I buy another Foxconn? Do you see where too many decisions can lead to too many possible conclusions?
  3. Row1

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    good points.

    thanks for your response. those are good ponts.
    i also am thinking of straying from asus to gigabyte. their 'durable' approach seems a bit more thorough.
    however, there are a lot of negative comments on these gigabyte 'durable' mbs at newegg.
    i can live with that if it is a matter of -either you get a good one, or one with a clear fatal flaw from the beginning - just rma until you get a working one.

    --you are right to not keep looking around too much. but i just wanted to ask the great techspot people in case there is something i am missing - like: someone doing a great job with fewer rma or lower price.

    frankly it is a challenge to look at the websites of these companies - lots of graphics and hype, but difficult to get to data, specs, how boards differ, etc.

  4. SNGX1275

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    You have to be a bit wary of newegg reviews. Lots of people claim to be more knowledgable than they are, and I'd expect a lot of the negative reviews to be related to user error, obviously not all of them, but it happens.

    I've built 2 systems with Gigabyte 965p DS3 boards and both of them worked perfectly.
  5. Didou

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    Intel motherboards (as in built by Intel not just with Intel chipsets) have a very good reputation of being no thrills but very durable. I believe they're now being made by Foxconn by have kept the same reliability they've been known for. Tyan is also worth looking into if you're willing to put the price.
  6. captaincranky

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    The Holy Instruction Manual, King Gates Edition....

    As SNGX1275 pointed out, and I'm going to develop a philosophy about, read between the lines of the reviews as much or more than you read the review itself. Now the philosophy, Human beings in general think they know it all, human beings all make mistakes they never admit to, and in the 3rd millenium in the good old USA, nobody is responsible for their own actions. Try and get a creditable review out people who think like that, and God be with you. How can you even give a creditable review in less than 30 days ownership anyway? Everybody thinks they can because they all have "very high" technical ability.
    I used to sell Hi-Fi, and you know what, I read the instructions. Having done that, I almost automatically knew more than the customers.
    Download the manuals for the items you're interested in. Read them, thoroughly. Take screen captures if you have too, of things that aren't in the instructions. Be patient. Keep in mind the really good Chinese to English translators all work for the United Nations. The not so good ones work for Chinese electronics corporations.
  7. Row1

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    reviews: grain of salt!!!

    thx everyone!
    yes i know not to take each review seriously!! it surprises me that people with next to no problem solving ability or computer knowledge will post a negative rant about some item when they are totally off-track!!
    it is too funny!

    that is partly how i have grown in my computer skills - always be skeptical. a few years ago i had a boss who favored the company's IT people over my opinion. time after time i was right.

    the company IT people told her to install something as scsi [i can't remember specifics maybe a jaz drive] and i told her: i wouldn't do that - it will only lead to trouble. Another time, she had comp problems and they told her it was the mb - i told her - i don't think so.

    after enough of these situations, she figured out who was reliably correct and who was wrong.

    part of the secret of my success is yes i read between the lines. i use the opinions of the techspot people who are great!! and the newegg reviewers, etc. then i read between the lines.

    3 yrs ago, i made my current computer. i happened to tell a buddie who [i did not know] is a computer fanatic - he asked what chip, case, ram, etc - he was totally surprised when i told him. he was impressed. i know enuff to put a system together, and i like to build one every couple of years to stay current. he offered to help me build my 1k comp, which was good because i did not know how to slipstream at that time.

    i am in no way connected to the computer business, but i had figured out how to make a great computer for under 1k. you gotta read between the lines.

    the truth is out there. somewhere....
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