Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset

By jaket3
Mar 16, 2010
  1. Hi, recieved this laptop with it turning on with only black screen. Power leds were on along with the quick play and battery lights. Fan was running. No show on external monitor.

    Removed battery and wireless card. Hooked it back up to AC power and it booted up all the way. Problem was when it went in sleep mode it wouldnt respond. Had to remove battery and AC power then reconnect them to get it back on.

    Decided to do the reset thing. Removed battery, cmos battery, and AC power then held down power button for 60 seconds. After that i left it alone for about an hour. Replaced all the batteries and connected it back to AC power and now nothing. No response at all. No power lights except for the blue ring at the dc jack. Battery light comes on for about 3 minutes then goes out. No fan or hard drive spin. What happened? How did reseting the cmos and static discharge proceedure make it do this? Im lost. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. zeta27

    zeta27 TS Rookie

    Yeah I had the same problem. I Don't know u laptop or desktop model, but exist a Crisis Recovery Disk.

    If you put your model maybe can extend the information about.

    zeta27 cambio y fuera.
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