DVD Burn speed

By ttwwfc9
Mar 24, 2010
  1. Can someone tell me how I find the burn speed of my CD/DVD writer so I can buy the right DVDs? Thanks
  2. Ididmyc600

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    it should be on the front of the unit, if not do a google on it and look for its specs.
  3. michaledoughlas

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    Slower is not better. The dyes that are used in DVDs are optimized for a certain laser power, and many cannot even be used below a certain power. The problem is, the faster the writing speed desired and the disc rotates faster, more laser power is needed because the dye/disc is exposed to the writing laser for a shorter interval. The problem is that dyes have to be formulated for a specific exposure time. This is actually a bit of an oversimplification: They have to be formulated to absorb enough energy to make holes in the dye. Too little power/exposure and the holes will not be formed, at least not enough to be recognizable to a drive or DVD player. Too much power, and too much dye (and the surrounding polycarbonate plastic) will vaporize, creating too big a hole and possibly breaking the seals on the disc.
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