DVD burner will reconize CD Media but not DVD-R.

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Jun 15, 2006
  1. Help, my DVD burner only reconize CD Media but not DVD disk

    I have a NEC Silver 16X DVD, CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2M Cache IDE RW drive and it will not read DVD media in the drive. It will only read write CD's and write CD's+R media but will not reconize that there is a DVD-R media in the drive. The DVD drive couldn't burn any DVD files either.

    I noticed it work on my previous DVD before (NEC DVD Burner Black IDE/ATAPI Model ND-3540A - OEM) << this one only has an antalog plug to the sound and it work, and my pc doesn't come with a master plug which go into the drive btw, was that the problem?
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    What are you reffering to as a "master plug? do you mean a jumper? also what burning software are you using and how is your system set up? is the burner on a cable by itself?
  3. Condor

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    Well, I was reffering to Cable Select, Slave, and Master (im kinda new to that) sry. I remember the drive got some small white plastic strip on the master within the DvD drive. Should i be plugging something into it? I only got a wire fit snugglely into the analog audio outlet.

    I have 2 hardrives, one was not appearing on device manager.

    I got the IDE Cable and power cable plug in, Window detect and installed all driver, but the DVD drive only read and write to regular CD's.

    I used Magic ISO to burn CD/DVD from iso and other data files to DVD.
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    no you dont plug in anything to the jumper. are you saying that you have a hard drive on the same cable as the DVDRW? if so then one must be set to master and the other device set as slave. (but if you have two hard drives then they should be set up on the same IDEm one as master and one as slave. and the DVDRW should be on the secondary IDE channel.
  5. Condor

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  6. iss

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    what mobo do you have? most mobo's (Except newer ones like the intel 975) have at least 2 IDE ports, one primary and one secondary. each port can have 2 devices on it. one as master and one as slave. so is your DVDRW on a cable by itself or is it hooked up with another device on the same cable?
  7. Condor

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    I have a Chaintech 7AJA2(E) Motherboard, I believe my mobo has 2 IDE connectors, one was for my master harddrive, and the other goes to slavy. One of connector got a master IDE that goes directly my DVD drive(same cable) from my harddrive , yes.

    (my profile got the most current parts btw ^.^v)

    The problem Im having with my new DVD drive was that it couldn't read any dvd movie, burn dvd format or even read DVD data which i burned from my previous DVD.
  8. iss

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    it is never a good idea to have a hard drive and an optical drive on the same cable you should move your slave hard drive ontot he cable with your master hard drive. check in device manager and see if the DVDRW is operating in DMA or PIO mode. you will find this under the "IDE ATA|ATAPI Controllers" under the advanced tab. if it is operating in DMA mode ( and it should be) then your problem is probably your DVD laser has gone bad.
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    Let me toss this out. Is it possible that this is a format incompatibility issue? Could your current DVD RW drive be soley a +RW and the other dvds were written on the wrong format for this drive? For example, one of my PCs is an older Dell with a DVD+RW optical drive. It won't read any DVD-R or -RW disks I've burned on one of my other PCs that has a DVD+-RW drive.

    These days it's hard to find a DVD burner that can't handle both formats so I realize it's a longshot but just in case, it can't hurt to ask.
  10. Condor

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    Yes, both are in DMA (primary and secondary if avalible)

    anyway I had send back the drive for refund :D

    thank you.

    I planning on getting an external burner, using USB 2.0 , look easy to install w/usb 2.0, little expensive through.
  11. Condor

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    Might be, or I installed it wrong since it was my second time replacing a DVD that doesn't work : D (first one work perfectly, but CD crack and internally destroyed it)
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