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Sep 30, 2009
  1. is there any dvd burning software that allows you to make your own menus and such? i tried nero but it gave me problems and wouldnt allow me to add some files (reasons unknown)

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    Where to start,where to start. Well there's Adobe Premier Elements, Roxio has offerings, Pinnacle, Arc Soft, and DVD Movie Factory, to name a few.

    Nero tries to be all things to all people, but it is the worst movie editing software I've ever seen.

    What Nero does have going for it, is that it can transcode almost any file format.

    I don't do movie editing per se very often, but the few successes I've had have been with DVD movie factory. The GUI is something the Nero can only dream about.

    The programs weakness is that it seem to be unable to shrink a file to fit a DVD. The work around for me is, edit with Movie Factory, then shrink and burn with Nero Recode. I've never used DVD Shrink, but I'm guessing this would be useful for that purpose, plus it's free.
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    i didnt mind using nero except for being unable to add some files to burn and the long burn times. like an hour long burn for a 700mb movie onto a dvd is just retarded and my pc aint crap either. thanks heaps for the reply mate, +2 internets
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    CDBurnerXP is free and very easy to use
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