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Sep 6, 2002
  1. Ok guys, help me out here. I have tried a number of dvd software programs to no avail. Ever since I upgraded to Windows XP, the dvd rom on my comp doesn't want to read dvds. It will run other software, but when a dvd is inserted, it will run the initial screen to play the movie in most cases, but will be unable to play it because it says the decoder is missing. It will do this on a number of different programs. I'm trying the power dvd player like a previous link suggested, but if this doesn't work, anyone have a suggestion?:confused: Thanks all.
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    Windows Media Player

    I am going to try to enable the DVD features in media player. The site you sent me to had instructions for doing so, but I'm wondering if you have an opinion on that process. It says I need a Directshow DVD decoder and I downloaded a few, but do you recommend one in particular?
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    I use PowerDVD 4.0 and am very pleased with it.
    If you were using PowerDVD 3.x before, there is an XP patch that will fix the problems with it running in XP but there is some issues with surround sound. Version 4.0 doesn't have this problem.
    It is also a much better player than Media Player in my opinion.
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    I works! (kinda)

    I don't know when or how it happened, but media player all of a sudden let me play dvds. It looks and sounds kinda bad with scratches and pops in the audio and video, but it does work. Anyone know why this could be happening. Remember that I don't have money to burn. Free is good.
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    Hey quick question

    If I were to spend a few bucks and upgrade my dvd rom, would it come with player software? This could save me a lot of hassle.
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    Re: Hey quick question

    None that I know of come bundled with a dvd decoder.
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