DVD-DL burner won't load some commercial movies

By pike14130
Oct 1, 2008
  1. I have a plextor PX716SA that won't load some commercial movies. After 3 "tries"( you can hear something in the drive) of trying to "read" the disc(s), I get a blinking amber lite , that flashes twice , then stops and flashes twice again. This code , according to Plextor means that t was "unable to focus". The movie titles are: "league of extraordinary gentilemen" (2003), "28 days later" ( 2004) and "88 days" (2007). The first 2 are dual layer , no flipping, the last one does not specify but there was printing on one side of the disc. All these have some sort of copy protection , but this seems to be a hardware issue rather than a software encryption problem. I haven't had any other issues with this drive , either reading /writing SL.or DL and playing in other machines or playing other DVD commercial movies , these movies play fine in newer set top tv boxes . I am not trying to copy these movies ,just play them on/through this system.
    System specifics: the plextor drive is a 2004 vintage with 1.11 firmware rev, the system is an Intel 875PBZ P4 3GHZ 1GB Ram with a WinXP w/SP3 OS , running Roxio Easy Creator / DVD player 7.0.
    I looked at a similar thread that marioherbert posted in Jun,16, of 2008 but his was more of playing DVD-DL that was burnt on his drive.
    The question(s) I have are this , because of the age of this drive ( and system) , is there such a thing as not being able to load DVD-ROM Dual Layer , even though the drive reads and writes to DVD-+R/RW SL/DLregularly ? Is there a "hardware chip" similar to the requirements of BR-HDD to play these discs? I am fence sitting about buying a new system , but can't see buying new stuff if the old performs okay .
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    just a guess.. but it could well be copyright protection on those commercial movies... ahem... why else would you be concerned they don't work on a burner?
  3. pike14130

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    I thought of the copy protection(s) issues, and have er...well, you know.... experimented...yeah , thats it... with test driving different packages of copy
    stuff in the past, but for all the grief you you get , it is better to go buy the
    thing , or rent it a few times if it is a real good movie. I am not trying to copy
    these movies to a HD or another DVD for "backup purposes, just play them
    through the PC . If I have to go out and buy a $50 cd/dvdROM DL internal
    drive (if there is such a thing) , then it would not be a problem. It is just the
    technical issue that has me curious.
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