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Mar 9, 2011
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  1. I have 2 dvd drives installed on my pc and both can read dvds or cd but it gets wierd when i insert a blank dvd. im using dvd+r 4.7gB dvds to try and burn some files to make backups. well when i insert 1 of these dvd's(in either drive) it pops up asking me if i would like to burn a CD. i go to my drive through My computer and it changed from DVD-RAM Drive to CD Drive.I right clicked the drive and hit properties and it says the drive has 0 of 0 bytes used. The discs worked on my GF's laptop but not mine. and the drives both worked on my old emachine.

    1 drive is a LG the other is a labelflash out of my old emachine. if anyone could help me please let me know
  2. Lokalaskurar

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    Some discs require more than ordinary Microsoft burning-software, in other words Disc Burning software like Nero, Ashampoo, BullDog and so on.

    And some discs may not suit your disc drives, like double-layer DVD's or HD DVD's and so on.

    What operating system do you use? Because on XP (for instance), the disc popping up as a blank ROM (unidentifiable) is perfectly normal - not strange at all. XP was first updated with the blank ROM-identification drivers as with the Media Centre Edition in 2005 (I don't know if MS ported those drivers to XP Home/Pro as well). If you are using either Vista or 7, then something might have happened with your ROM-ID drivers.

    Someone else at TechSpot have to take it over from there if this happens to be the case :eek: .

    With Disc Burning software, you only need to put the disc into a drive, reproach all the Windows-questions and pop-ups, launch the DB-software and press burn DVD/CD. It will work even though Windows does not recognize the disc at first.
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    im using windows xp pro 32bit sp2 and all up to date. the drives worked in my emachine which is the same exact os because i used the same disc.I burnt cd's before on my emachine but not on my custom pc i just built.Im just trying to backup some files to the dvds and it doesnt even recognize thier is a dvd in the drive
  4. Lokalaskurar

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    Are you using burning software or are you using the integrated Windows burner? Because, it's not strange if Windows sometimes (or always) do'nt recognize the DVD.

    There are superb and free burners online like Aschampoo which usually overrides the windows function - thus it usually works even if the DVD isn't recognized.
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